Our Top 4 Digital Marketing Myths

Our Top 4 Digital Marketing Myths

Digital marketing is when businesses advertise their products or services via digital means such as websites, search engines, mobile devices, social media and email. The world of digital marketing is innovative and ever-changing which is why there are so many myths flying around on a regular basis. Today, we look at some of the most common myths and give you the real story. Myth #1: SEO is dead

Well, if we had a penny for every time we hear this one. While it’s very true that things that worked from an SEO perspective years ago simply wouldn’t work now, all that means is that you need to constantly be on top of the new strategies. SEO is still just an important as ever and if you ignore it, you’ll get left behind. As search engine bots have become more advanced, so have SEO strategies – get on board! Myth #1: You only need to pick one form of social media There are a lot of different aspects to digital marketing and it’s common knowledge that it’s important to get on board with social media. However, a lot of businesses think it’s sufficient to pick just one social media platform and run with it. The reality is that in a competitive digital market, being across a number of platforms can help reach a wider audience and boost the visibility of your business. Think about the forms of social media that your target audience would be most likely to use and go from there. Myth #3: All you need is one digital marketing person Once upon a time when digital marketing was just starting out, it might have been enough to have one person on your team in charge of digital marketing. However, these days the number of different areas that one person would need to across would make it almost impossible. With the content marketing, social media, paid advertising, email marketing, SEO and analytics involved, you need a few people on your digital marketing team if you really want results.

Myth #4: Traffic to the website is the most important thing There’s a bit more to it than just traffic. Yes, increasing traffic to the website is a great goal to have when it comes to your digital advertising. However, there’s no point generating traffic to your website if you’re attracting users who aren’t interested in your business and simply click off. Instead, look at attracting your target audience so the traffic to your website actually leads to conversions. Dilate Digital are a full service digital marketing agency Perth who deliver all kinds of digital awesomeness to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re after expert consultancy to point you in the right digital direction or are looking for a full-service marketing package, we can help.

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