Medical marijuana is now allowed in many states, and with the rising number of Marijuana dispensaries, its use is gradually increasing. However, many people don’t realize that marijuana was a popular treatment in the 1800s, so it has only made a comeback. People use medical marijuana as a remedy for chronic pain, anxiety, depression, inflammation, epilepsy, etc.

But there are questions surrounding its safety, efficacy, and proper use. It is crucial to research extensively and consult with your doctor before using medical marijuana. Here is more to learn about medical marijuana before you dial that weed delivery Venice.

Is marijuana safe?

The debate about the safety of marijuana is hot. Although marijuana has many health benefits, it can be addictive. Learn more about the safety of marijuana below.

  • Marijuana is addictive.
  • It is unclear whether it is safe for expectant and breastfeeding mothers.
  • It can cause psychotic orders when misused.
  • It may cause drug interactions, especially when CBD is involved.
  • It can cause impairment when driving or using heavy machinery.
  • High doses can worsen anxiety and even lead to anxiety attacks.
  • Cardiac and lung effects such as rapid heart rate are some of the side effects of marijuana.
  • It can temporarily worsen cognitive functioning and short-term memory.
  • It is potentially dangerous for teenagers as they are more susceptible to cognitive effects and addiction.

If you have a personal history of the side effects mentioned above, you should use marijuana with caution or avoid it altogether. If the harms are dosage related, it is best to keep the doses as low as possible.

How to consume cannabis

Cannabis can be used as an edible, a topical lotion, a tincture taken under the tongue, and inhalation. The benefits of inhaling cannabis are a quick onset and simpler dosage titration. This is true whether you smoke it or vaporize dry flowers using a heated device. The drawbacks are that it can irritate the lungs, resulting in chronic bronchitis, and one must frequently redose because the therapeutic effect only lasts a short time.

Cannabis combustion is prohibited in many locations, including public housing. The benefits of using an edible include not needing to breathe anything in and the therapeutic impact lasting up to eight hours. However, selecting the right cannabis edible is important, and you have to go slow not to overdose.

You can also opt for Marijuana oil or tinctures, liquid drops you put under the tongue for quick absorption. It may take 30 minutes or less for a cannabis tincture to take effect. Then there are cannabis topicals which you rub on the affected skin area and wait for the effect to kick in.

Legality of cannabis

Cannabis is currently lawful on a state level in most states, but it is illegal according to federal laws, so you should never forget that. Some states have taken the intermediate step of legalizing CBD-only or low-THC cannabis products with medical benefits.

Closing remarks

It is important to research extensively before using cannabis.

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