What it Means to go to Online College in 2019

High school students are choosing to go to college online for a multitude of reasons. First and foremost, attending classes online is often more convenient and less expensive than going to college traditionally. Then there is the fact that there are some very elite universities that are now offering distance learning options. Both MIT and Harvard have online college extension programs that give students from near and far the opportunity to graduate with degrees from these prestigious universities, without them needing to relocate. So, what precisely does it mean to go to online college in the year 2019? Contrary to the assumption that getting into online college is ‘easier,’ the truth is that the competition is fiercer than ever. Learn what all students need to know about getting into online school in today’s digitally driven age.

Online Colleges Expect More

Just 10 years ago, online college wasn’t exactly the norm for high school aged kids looking to further their education. It was totally expected that young people get into a college, move into a dorm, and attend college for a minimum of four years in order to receive their bachelor’s degree. Now, students have various other ways to approach higher education. The internet has expanded, standards have changed, and colleges just expect more. There have been major changes to the SAT scoring system as well. College applications are more likely to be filled out and submitted online than sent via standard mail. Since students have a larger bevy of tools for learning and communication at their fingertips, college admissions offices are asking for and expecting a lot more.

Online Colleges Are Accepting Younger Students

Over the years, there have been widely publicized instances of young people being accepted into college, law school, and medical school. Even still, colleges are more open to accepting applicants at earlier ages than ever before. If you have your high school diploma or equivalency, you can apply to go to college whenever you want. Check out a College Applications Program such as the Bobby-Tariq Tutoring Center and start preparing for your future today. These types of programs have helped countless adolescents get into good colleges the first time around by helping prepare them for their SHSAT.

Going to College Online Means You Can Do More with Your Education

High school students aren’t just writing up impressive essays to go along with their college applications anymore. Some have resumes, CVs, and even LinkedIn pages they are presenting to college admissions officers. Teens are running profitable businesses, engaging in missionary work abroad, working as day traders, and truly impressing the world with their accomplishments. As such, going to college online is giving students the option to do a lot more with their education. Some choose to receive their bachelor’s degrees in three years instead of the standard four years. Going to school online can help you to maximize your education to the fullest.

For those looking to go to online college in 2019, you may have many more options than there appear to be at first glance. You can go to college sooner, work while you attend school, or take classes at multiple colleges at the same time. Just ensure that you have what it takes to be accepted to a good online school.

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