Key Reasons Why You Should Study Smart And Not Hard For JEE 

If you are aspiring to pursue a career in the field of engineering and get into some of the best institutions in the country then you will first need to clear a popular entrance exam known as JEE (Joint Entrance Exam). However, this exam is one of the most difficult and challenging exams in India. Not only the competition is intense but the level of questions that are asked in the exam are of a very high standard and they are quite tricky. They require adept problem-solving as well as analyzing skills. Further, you have to be well prepared for the exam wherein you should be academically strong.

Having said that, if you want to succeed in JEE then you might have to study smart rather than studying hard. What this means is that you will have to bring in some changes to your study habits and fill in some missing elements in your preparation strategy. In essence, you will have to basically change the script for studying each subject because preparing for JEE is completely different from preparing for board exams. You will have to study productively and make good use of your valuable time. In this article, we will be discussing how you can study smartly and you will further learn how to grasp information faster, focus longer, and avoid mistakes.

You Should Take Control Of Your Calendar

You should make it a point to take control of your schedule. Being in control of your calendar will enable you to cover the syllabus easily and stay on top of your coursework. Here, you should stay away from all distractions and this will significantly help you accomplish your goals. In this, you should also make proper plans and divide your study time judiciously.

Analyze Topics That Are Important

If you want to score well in the JEE Main 2020 exams, then you must carefully analyze what you are studying. While studying take some time to research and analyze what topics are important from an examination point of view. You can also analyze what sort of questions can be included in the exam. You can go through the syllabus and solve previous year question papers to get a better idea.

Create A Suitable Studying Environment

JEE preparation seemingly begins not with how to study but where to study. Thus, you need to create a suitable study environment where The study environment you choose influences your ability to focus, to concentrate, to remember, and to persist through difficulties. A study environment that is cluttered, noisy, disruptive and uninspiring will hinder you at every step. On the other hand, a study environment that is comfortable, organized, quiet and aesthetically pleasing will help you stay focused, motivated and inspired. Your environment, therefore, becomes the first key towards helping you study smarter not harder.

Ask Questions And Seek Help

There will be times when you will fail to understand certain concepts, topics or problems. When this situation arises you should never hesitate to approach either your mentors or even friends to clear your doubts.

Different Materials For Studying

It is always beneficial to study using multiple study tools. You can make use of class notes, go through additional textbooks, watch videos online, etc. By making use of different learning activities several areas of the brain are activated wherein you will be able to develop a better understanding of concepts and study thoroughly for both JEE Main and JEE Advanced exam.

Become A Teacher

If there are difficult topics, then you should try to explain or teach those topics to your friend or someone else. By doing this you will develop a clearer understanding of the topics and even higher confidence. Besides, if you teach others you will gain the ability to explain the information in your own words. During this process, you will learn about the topic more clearly.

Take Study Breaks and Stay Fit

Smart preparation means you should not be burning the midnight oil and studying for hours and hours. You should take regular breaks in between and de-stress. You should also stay fit both physically and mentally. Engage in exercise and eat healthy food.  Also, get enough sleep as it will help you focus better with a refreshed mind and increase your overall productivity.

These are some of the ways in which you can significantly improve your learning. You can apply these strategies to study efficiently and ace the exams.

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