Correct Use of Rice/Wheat Mix Harvester

Proper Use of Rice/Wheat Combine Harvester

Rice mix harvester is used for the harvesting of rice or wheat. A mix rice harvester can end the entire processes of rice or wheat harvesting from harvesting, threshing and grain cleansing. Utilizing the machine correctly can’t solely improves the working effectivity but in addition can lengthen its service life. Within the following, I offers you some solutions on how you can use the mix rice harvester correctly. Begin the harvester earlier than harvesting. Earlier than harvesting, the machine ought to be began the harvester and run on the rated pace thus can keep away from the knife bar be gripped by the straws. Select correct harvesting time. It’s higher to reap the rice or wheat after 9 a.m since it’s little dew at the moment and the rice or wheat is drier. As well as, the machine had higher not harvest the grain after the rain or throughout rain for it could trigger the block of the harvester and improve the grain loss. Alter the header of the rice or rice harvester. If the stubble warmth is just too excessive, it’s arduous to reap the dwarf straws and it’s also affect the sowing of subsequent 12 months. It’s higher to decrease the header however not decrease than 6 cm for that it’ll trigger the reducing of soil and additional to wreck the knife bar. Management the working pace. The working pace is intently associated to the working effectivity and dealing impact of the mix rice harvester. Usually, if the land is apparent, open and the grains are all in yellow ripening stage, the operator can enhance the working pace, in any other case the operator ought to decelerate the working pace. The machine ought to run straightly. The wheat/rice harvester ought to run straightly when harvesting the rice or wheat and the rice/wheat harvester ought to cease harvesting when turning or the grain could also be overwhelmed by the divider. Made the throttle valve at medium or opening place when harvesting. When the harvester go away the reducing space, hold the throttle valve at medium or open place at about 30s to make sure the grains within the machine are all out. Clear and preserve the mix rice harvester after harvesting. There are sometimes some soil and different sundries within the machine after harvesting which is able to corrode the mix harvester or trigger blocking of the machine. So clear the machine and oil the machine after harvesting after which retailer it in a dry and ethereal place.

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